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Connected object

Hello, I’m going to make it simple, I’ve just had a patent for a connected object accepted by the INPI for France. I’m going to extend it to the rest of the world. For that I would like to include the Holochain program, so that it can be used as a relay in the same way as a smartphone, computer…etc. I specify that this connected object will be present in many homes. I believe very much in the Holochain project and in its future. The decentralized web is a message of freedom :). I’m looking for a freelancer with the skills for this project as well as for the creation of an app. I will give you all the details in private message so that you can give me a price range for the development of this program. Best regard

Sounds like a holoport. Is there any public link to the patent?

Hello, I just got the information from INPI about the acceptance of my patent for my connected object. There is no link for the public yet, it is too recent. Today this object can, depending on the function, work with the web, Bluetooth and radio waves and all this through a smartphone app. I would like to allow this object to function with a Holochain program and at the same time it could be used as a relay for the Holochain network, in the same way as a smartphone, computer… it is a way for me to bring a contribution to this project that I find extraordinary. This object will be part of the equipment of housing (house, flat, commercial premises…) by this fact, Holochain, will very quickly have a significant territorial coverage. For that I would need to know if it is necessary to have a specific material or program for my connected object.


Hello, after thinking about it, indeed my connected object could have the same functions as a holoport. To tell you the truth, my connected object is a connected lock with specific functions. That’s why my patent was accepted in France, and why I am currently applying for a worldwide patent. It will be installed on the entrance doors of houses, flats, shops, etc. … This means that for a fast and efficient extension of the Holochain network, this lock would be very interesting. I would just need to know what would be required in terms of hardware and software (even if it means updating the application on my smartphone) for my lock to be effective for the Holochain network. Today it works with the wifi…etc. If necessary, I can move…etc. The Holochain project (decentralized web), this vision of freedom pleases me a lot, and if I can contribute in my own way, it will be great. I wish you a very nice day. Bernard

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Interesting project. In terms of hardware you’d need at least something with a 64bit architecture and enough storage for the append-only source-chain. Exact size will depend on your holochain app. Software-wise you’ll need a linux based OS.

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