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Confusion Getting Started

I’ve been watching Build It series here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCvL8ttHRW4
and reading the documentation, but I’ve been struggling to actually figure out how to get started building an hApp.

In the linked video series, they use a vue-cli plugin to generate a project, but then later on some web-gui tool is used. I also found:


I see reference to something called Holonix in the offical repo here:
https://github.com/holochain . The documentation on that tool redirects to just the install guide.

The dev docs mention a new RSM release, which is encouraged to be used. I’m not sure if the any of the above tools actually generate a project on this.

Ideally I’d like to just get a vuejs based project up and running. Any pointers on how to get started? :sweat_smile:

I believe this is the referenced vue-cli plugin

Hi Hazel,

I cannot help you with you Vue question (yet). But if you want to learn how to code zomes (in Rust) then there is the https://holochain-gym.github.io/ made by @guillemcordoba.
I just finished the exercises. They are a bit challenging if you don’t know Rust, but doable.
I also made some (unstructured) notes along the way which may be helpful. See the google doc in this thread:
[Gym] Help needed! Offer/Request

And if I you get stuck can always ask in this forum.

Welcome by the way!



This should work as a way to get started with rsm: https://developer.holochain.org/docs/install/. I will add this to the instructions of the gym, now it’s quite usable.

I’m not that familiar with vue presets but I guess it shouldn’t be that difficult to get started with that one, it’s the correct one from Philip. As far as zome examples go, you can see https://github.com/holochain-open-dev.

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