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Community Gardening App

Hi everyone, first time contributor here.

I am not a developer, just a graphic designer, with an idea for an app that won’t let me sleep at night and I’d love some feedback on.

Through the shared general worry about basic survival in a halted economy, I have been thinking lots about community gardening and how to make it as easy and accessible as possible. That is also combined with ideas to move from our current speculation-based economics to smarter, community-driven ones that actually meets human needs. Anyway, the app idea is:

A system that where a group of neighbors can input:

  • How much produce they consume per week (see the flow)
  • How many hours they are available to work at a garden, and
  • How much gardening space they have among them.

The output would then be:

  • How much of their produce needs can be met given the space they have (30% each, for example. I guess this would require a database of how much space each crop requires, what is the average yield per plant, etc).
  • A list of seeds/materials to get them going
  • A combined schedule distributing everyone’s available hours to cover maintenance
  • A shift sign-up system with individual reminders and a check-off method that creates some accountability.

That’s it! Certain parts might be overly-complicated and ultimately unnecessary, but I am jazzed about the idea of creating better tools for organizing and feeding ourselves better.

Any thoughts on how to move this forward would be greatly appreciated.


Great to see the enthusiasm ! I think you might find value working with HoloREA for your food/human/resources flows and Sacred Capital if you want to give access to food/land/seeds… based on reputation (or other reputation-based system).
Maybe check them out both if you haven’t (they should show up in expectable places), you can contact users pospi and sidsthalekar if you have specific questions about these.


Hey! many thanks! I’ve read superficially about REA, so I might need to do some more homework on it. I like a lot the idea of including Sacred Capital!

What I’d love some more input on from the programming perspective is if structuring an app in this manner would make sense, or if it would be a development nightmare that needs some re-thinking.

I’m also curious as to what it would take to develop something like this labor-wise and resource-wise (maybe I’m getting ahead of the game but starting to think about kickstarters/grant applications/local government submissions, etc)

@MonaP any updates on this? I Like the concept. Just exploring REA and Sacred Capital myself and looking for path to travel.

Hey Larry, this project went on the back burner the last few months, but definitely something I’d like to move forward, perhaps over Christmas break…

What I can contribute is the UX UI design, then put it out into the world to see if someone can make the back end make sense :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hi @MonaP,
I’ve been working on a plant care IoT thing for some time. Sort of related but without any social context. Anyway have been looking into the holochain development landscape and seems it will take a few months for the recent update to RSA to settle in and the tutorials to be updated and such. Lots of parts to this puzzle outside of Rust code however, like UI or perhaps the scope not of a minimum viable product but like a minimum viable gardening community?

I love the idea of defining a minimum viable gardening community. A good first step might be to write up the concept, perhaps expanding on the functions of the app in a way that makes sense. I’ll see if I can get something jotted down on the next few days and perhaps expand from there?