CommonDB - latest proposed iteration of Value Flows idea

I was working with the FairCoop project using the NRP/Value Flows software forked from Sensorica which we called OCP or the Open Collaborative Platform. The idea is to provide a software framework which enables easy decentralised collaboration within organisations, and a REA-based accounting of all that goes on within the org, including distribution of funds.

The most recent version of this we actually used is called Agent, although there is also a newer version of it called Shroom which is not finished yet. We were greatly helped by the original developers of this software, @lynnfoster and @bhaugen to get it into a format which suited our needs.

The proposal is now to do a distributed P2P version of this, possibly using the HoloREA framework with Holochain backend now under development. Here are some info and links:

The (not yet finished) website about CommonDB:

Github landing page of the IntegralDevs team:

Please provide feedback and do get in touch with us if it’s something you would be interested in working on or using!


@guyjames thanks. @pospi knows about Agent and Shroom, and is planning on harvesting from there for new UI work as it makes sense. (We have talked about doing a minimal basic UI that would sit on HoloREA.) Both Agent and Shroom use an older version of ValueFlows to access OCP as a backend. And if you and team decide to use HoloREA, you know of course I’m happy to help, at least in the thinking process. :slight_smile: And depending on what you want to do, some collaboration on UI could be useful too.

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Very interesting project! Seems extremely useful. Are you involved there somehow @guyjames?

Yes I am involved to some extent - I am helping to co-ordinate with the FairCoop devs how we can port our Value Flows iteration (OCP) over to Holochain so that it can be more widely used. Firstly because it would be a pity if more people didn’t benefit from the huge amount of work that was done to get this software ready for day-to-day use, and secondly because I think it is going to be a much more common way of working in the future to have decentralised or distributed organisations, so it would be nice to help with birthing that and hopefully reducing potential concentrations of power within organisations.


Great to hear from you all! Sorry for late reply, I haven’t made checking this forum a regular thing yet.

I’m definitely interested in helping meet FairCoop’s needs- I was actually the one who put the GraphQL stuff into OCP to begin with so it would be really cool to loop back on that and see how I can contribute further.

Have been flicking through some older Sensorica-era docs recently and noticing lofty requirements like sharing projects between organisations, spinning up projects within orgs as self-contained collaboration spaces and configuring complex multi-network setups. All of that is looking readily achievable with just a handful of the core components we’re planning on building.

That analysis is an evolving thing btw, and we would love input from anyone at FairCoop as to different functionality splits, “higher-order” modules (eg. a specification module which also tracks external references to its ResourceSpecification and ProcessSpecification definitions), or alternatives that we might try out for some of the proposed modules that we’ve derived from the ValueFlows spec.

We’re also really keen for design help, UX feedback and assistance in filing user stories. Tibi from Sensorica has offered to help with the latter 2 of these tasks, and has similar intentions as FairCoop in seeing where Holo-REA goes and adopting it when the foundation appears ready.

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Thanks @pospi for the reply and the offer of help. I would say that in general FairCoop is in a paused state, although it may possibly be terminal, apart from some sub-projects such as Freedom Coop and BotC which are still functional (and which of course both use OCP).

We had a fundamental loss of trust within the community which, allied with some decisions which were maybe questionable in retrospect, and the general crash of the crypto market, has caused FairCoin to fall out of favour in a pretty major way.

My proposal is to switch the community to a mutual credit currency built on Holochain, but as there seems to be an attachment to crypto tokens which are tradable on exchanges, there has not been much uptake for the idea.

So our little splinter group from the Catalan local node is going ahead with the CommonDB idea as outlined above, and we will maybe merge back into the main community later on.

People are still working on OCP, so if you would like to get involved and talk to the current devs, here is the outline of what is going on, including the github link and so on:


Thanks for the offer, too much to do in cutting the new ground to get involved with the older monolith again though unfortunately. But nice to know it still has utility. Some fab-labs in Miluwakee are also iterating OCP- Lynn & Bob have details.

How far along are IntegralDevs with CommonDB? It feels to me like we have a lot more at an implementation stage. (here is about what’s current code-wise- specification hasn’t quite been tidied off yet.) If nothing else, we can probably save you time by providing an REA accounting library you can import into your hApp modules.

I guess my suggestion would be for them to contribute to Holo-REA as necessary to service their needs, if possible. We have a process underway to set up project-specific batches and tasks under this mission on CoMakery (who are also moving towards REA accounting for tracking both contributions and payments, FWIW). For more information, see our contributor guidelines.

1 Like is a lovely project, but from a software viewpoint, it will move very very slowly and will not get out of the NRP monolithic software stage. It’s a computer science class project at and while the teacher has kept the project going for 2 years, their goal is more learning than creating a deployed system. We love them, but don’t think we will see them in HoloREA…

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Hopefully our devs will see your message here, I have sent them the link. They also talked to @artbrock recently in person so hopefully he has brought them up to date and given them some pointers.

BTW I just listened to your interview on the Holochain podcast, and I have to congratulate you for some really clear explanations about REA and HC itself - I will be recommending interested parties to give it a listen. There are some real ‘aha’ moments in there! :+1: