Command "nix run -f cachix -c cachix use holochain-ci" - Error: unrecognised flag '-c'


I’m following this guide “Install Holochain - Holochain Docs”.

It says:

To significantly speed up the load times for the next step you can make use of our Cachix instance. If you don’t it’ll take a long time, because it needs to compile the Holochain binaries.

And then to run this command nix run -f cachix -c cachix use holochain-ci


The terminal shows next error:

nix run -f cachix -c cachix use holochain-ci
error: unrecognised flag '-c'

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

My setup

  • macOS chip M1
  • nix-shell@2.5.1

Did you ever find a solution? I’ve tried going into the Nix docs to see if I can find the purpose of the “-c” parameter before it was removed(?) from “nix run” and I cannot find reference to it at all.

This has me blocked on getting started with Holochain.