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Collaborators & Cocreators (includes Providers & Consumers of the OASIS API)

If you feel you would like to collaborate/co-create with us we would love to hear from you! :slight_smile:

Also, if you feel your project would be a good candidate for one of our Consumers or Providers we would love to hear from you too! :slight_smile:

Consumers are apps/games/sites that will consume the API so can share the central profile/avatar and can add/remove karma for doing good or progressing in positive apps, etc such as self improvement, etc

Providers are platforms/networks that the data can actually be stored/shared/replicated over such as Holochain, IPFS, SOLID, ActivityPub, Ethereum, etc

So far the only provider implemented is Holochain (HoloOASIS) but the others are coming soon…

There is a list of the current Providers & Consumers on the GitHub page here:

Our World is like a XR Unified Interface into all of these hApps (this is the Operating System part of it), it’s a bit like the XR UI front-end to Holochain where you can view and launch any apps from inside it but they integrate much more deeper than that through the OASIS API/Profile/Avatar/Karma system where they all share the central avatar/profile and can all add/subtract the profiles/avatars karma.