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Coding together online on October 9th!

I think it is an excellent idea :slight_smile:

Would be happy to have a chat about it (maybe in conjunction with a little more coding if people are up for that)

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sounds great! I’m always up for a chat :slight_smile:

Are you coming to Barcelona as well? would be wonderful to see you again!

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Unfortunately not :frowning: would love to see you all again, but can’t make it this time.

I’m a little pressed for time in the coming two weeks. Would folks be available for conversation and coding on Wednesday the 6th of November, afternoon?

@hedayat @guillemcordoba @lylycarrillo @raphisee?


Yes. I’m available

if it is after 4:00 PM CET, I am also in.

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay here, I’ve been a little swamped with things and have some trouble making it myself now for the 6th. But I would love to have a conversation around this whole concept of an Online Learning Community. Who would like to be involved in stewarding this thing?

Some of my thinking around how the Open Collective can eventually support the efforts:

  • funding to eventually pay for hosts that organize online events as well as helping make the generated learning materials available
  • funding to also support experienced coders who act like instructors/leads
  • funding for people to engage in learning (everyone that participates)

What I thought might be a beautiful thing here is if we can get funding to create open source applications (like Mailboox which we have already started) while keeping the emphesis on learning together. I’d love to support people in joining these sessions and creating value for the commons while up-skilling themselves.

Would you guys that have shown interest in this so far be willing to help guide where potential funds go in the open collective, if so let me know so we can set this thing up together! @raphisee @guillemcordoba @hedayat @lylycarrillo @pablo


Hi Viktor! I am also very happy to see you here. Nice! :slight_smile:
Is there a calendar to add so I can keep up with the coding gathering without needing to some to the forum? I missed it last week because I was travelling.

Warm regards,

Viktor! Thank you for this message. This sounds very good. I would be up to do some organizational work in order to make this happen and, of course, when the time comes share some knowledge. Let us know how to proceed. :slight_smile:

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Great @pablo :slight_smile:

I would love to host another session soon. What do you think @guillemcordoba, can we get past the tests working before we start another session? Did you get try-o-rama going for your project and would you be able to assess work needed to get Mailboox tests going and published?

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@ViktorZaunders I also love the idea of implementing email app. I am in.

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Did you activate the twitch account? I can’t do twitch.tv/activate. What should I do?

Why are you bringing up Twitch? Is this spam or am I misunderstanding?

In My original proposal I wrote about using twitch as an example service for livestreaming the coding sessions. my experience is that YouTube is as simple or simpler to use