Changes to the forum

Hello all. When you go to the home page of the forum, you’ll see we’re now featuring the latest posts rather than the categories. We did this based on an assumption that the categories page is too busy, and not fresh enough, and this discourages people from jumping in — especially new forum members.

We’d love your feedback, so if you could answer these three questions that’d give us a better sense of what you’re getting out of the forum, what doesn’t work for you, and what you’d like:

  1. When you come to the forum, where do you normally go first?
  2. Do you like to discover new and interesting conversations that you’re not already part of?
    • If yes, how do you do it right now, and does it work well for you?
  3. Do you like the change to the home page, or have we taken away something you really loved?

Thanks very much!

cc @bear @carolyn


Hey folks — sorry to anyone who was unable to reply on this topic. Looks like there were some default permissions settings on this category, yada yada. Should be good to go now!

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This is better! :+1: