Ceptr and Spiral Beginner Resources

Hi all!
Im curious, does anybody has some good beginner resources on ceptr and the whole spiral thing? To explain a bit my background, I totally get the concept and tech behind holochain and see the implications on how this could affect human interaction. Also I really like the theory of spiral dynamics, just started reading the book by Don Beck after lots of youtube research.
Anyone has any recommendations? Also for spiral dynamics books, I arbitrarely choose the one that was availible on audible, if someone has a more reflected opinion would be great to hear.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Also I was thinking: is it a coincidence that holochains colors resemble turqoise colorpalette? :open_mouth:

Hello, and welcome to the forum! What brings you here — are you part of the dev camp going on right now?

I dunno if you’re interested in the geeky stuff behind Ceptr, but I am. Here are some tastes:

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Hey Paul! Thanks for the ressources, I will have a look!
(No Im currently not participating in devcamp but did the hackathon in Barcelona lately, which was really great!).

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