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Can we talk about Ceptr already?

Absolutely! About that: Its well worth checking out this 3h long discussion between Joe Rogan and Randall Carlson. It completely changed my world view!

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Yes that’s true except you are missing out one very important aspect… spirituality… we are infinite beings of light having a temporary experience in our bodies… the universe is infintley more intelligent and more advanced than any AI ever could be… when you mediate and go within and connect to that higher power there is nothing that can match it… not even AI… We are all connected and all ONE and are all connected to the infinite intelligence of the Universe, the Universe (some call it God) is all within us so we are all aspects of God and AI can never touch that no matter how hard it tried… it is our emotions that give us our power… this is something the mind or AI can never understand… it is our emotions and presence that connects us to God/The Universe… :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

We are all ascending into higher and higher dimensions where more and more gifts and special powers will be unlocked… yes we will all eventually become like superheros with TK, flight, teleportation, etc Why do you think the fascination with these films?

Because in our soul/heart we know this is the truth… but our minds do not understand because they are not connected to this unless you go within…

Soon the world is going to change BIG time and soon everyone will learn this truth… this is what CEPTR does… its design is modeled after nature (the infinite intelligence of the Universe) that is infinitely more evolved and advanced than AI ever could be…

Yes more and more people are awakening now and its only a matter of time before we reach critical mass and then there is a giant shift and quantum leap for the evolution of humanity… that time is very close now… maybe even this year or next… but definitely within our life times… it is already long overdue… soooo much more I can share on this if anyone wanted to hear…

Well, there our views are rather different. I am one of those people who favour the simplest explanation. And while I too believe that everyone and everything is connected, I think its through mere causality… no spiritual dimensions involved.

Therefore, I don’t see AI as different. Consciousness, no matter if grown from carbon- or silicone-based organisms, is prescious. So in my view, they are just as much part of the equation as we are.

But whatever our personal beliefs are… we all believe that Ceptr is a great way to go :wink:

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I want to clarify, because I know Art and Eric struggle to talk about some of the bigger aims of Ceptr and MetaCurrency and don’t want to dumb it down – when I say ‘Can we talk about Ceptr?’ I really mean I want Art and Eric talking about the absolute core stuff with whatever language suits the significance and nuance required to talk about it. If people don’t get it, so be it, but I think it’s a shame for it to stay in the dark.

Talk to us about grammatic capacities and social organisms. I have a sense that there is a growing community of people who will actually deeply understand and resonate with this work. I really do wonder what would happen if Eric had a podcast episode with people like Jordan Hall and John Vervaeke about grammatic capacities. I’m concerned that Eric might be holding back when the time is actually right to be talking about it.

But it’s up to you @zippy at the end of the day, whether you feel it’s time.


Yes, I think that might be the right sort of people to talk with about it. I do know that Eric is super busy right now, but he also has an intention to get more present with the world about this stuff.