Can i make on holochain my own token?

Hi People,
Can i make my own token on holochain like etherium with the white paper? i have a project but i didn’t want to use etherium for this.

thank you.

What is your project?

Holochain is agent-centric, not really token centric, so not sure if it’s really the right way to make a token. But it depends what your intentions are. There may be an agent-centric way of doing what you want to do with Holochain.


Hi Brooks,
thanks for your answer.

i want to try write an nft token with few hands-on. the point is nft token

Cool, yeah I believe it is possible to do something similar to NFT with Holochain, but you won’t be able to just read the whitepaper and then do it. It may require a bit more learning/unlearning to get a handle on how to build things on Holochain.

I’m sure others here will be better equipped than me to give you advice, since I’m not a programmer, but for a start you can check out the developer website here:

As an aside, you might be interested in this 1-hour conversation between and Arthur Brock about their own interest in building NFT-like stuff with Holochain. (The video looks like it’s more than 2 hours, but the conversation is actually 1 hour.)

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Thank you for the information Brooks.
I will definitely examine these

have a nice day :slight_smile: