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Can I build & run Hylo/Communities from source?

I watched with great interest @lucksus’ excellent video on setting up Hylo/Communities via Holoscape: https://youtu.be/ePIIrmbFEyc

I am curious:

  1. is the source code for this version of Hylo/Communities available?
  2. if so, is there advice on getting it up and running from source, other than generally following holochain app setup practices?

Thanks, and fantastic work on this exciting frontier!

:love_you_gesture: Harlan


Hi @harlan, not yet. There are still improvements and changes being made to the Hylo/Communities app. You are welcome to monitor the repo to check the progress.


Thanks @dhtnetwork, much appreciated.

FWIW, I had searched the holochain github org, but wasn’t tracking the Holo-Host github org… would be interested to know if there is a clear division between these, ie what to look for where.

Hi @harlan, yes there is a distinction.

Holochain = core, framework, networking, HDK, Holonix, etc.
Holo-Host = hApps (HoloFuel, Hylo/Communities), main components of the hosting infrastructure, etc.

This Dev Pulse provides more details about the various dev teams and their areas of responsibility.