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Call for contributors to a flash collaboration session to improve the dev docs!

Sprillow is inviting you to join us in a collective effort to make some big and sudden improvements to the official Holochain developer documentation! We are doing this because we rely on, know, and love to work with Holochain, and want to see more developers call Holochain “home”.

People of any experience level with Holochain, and with any level level of experience with Holochain code and with writing technical documentation, are welcome. Everyone can play a part! There will be no video calls, and a very low minimum commitment so if you will be at your computer and have 30 minutes to spare at some point in the 24 hour docs drive, that’s enough.

All the details are here on the Google form, where you can sign up to join us.

You can also help by resharing our announcement tweet on twitter to get the word out. :pray:

Since there is a big dev camp coming up this fall, and the pace of development on Holochain has really exceeded the pace the docs move at, let’s try and get it back up to speed, and welcoming to all developers.