Buying a used HoloPort. Anything I should know?

I’m buying a used HoloPort+ from someone who doesn’t want to follow the project anymore. We are trying to figure if there might be any issues with the transfer. I don’t have many details about how the product gets registered etc.

Anything I should be aware of?

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For anyone else buying a used HoloPort, here’s a few things I did or had to do:

  • Ask for a photo of the serial number so you can verify if it’s a HoloPort or HoloPort+.
  • You’ll need the email address that the original owner used to purchase it.
  • You’ll want the original owner to add you as a secondary email to, then you can login and make your’s the primary and delete theirs.
  • You’ll need to open a support ticket to get your email address whitelisted in order to properly setup your HoloPort, include the previous owner’s email address in your ticket.