Business Ordering Application

I currently have simple website and ordering application for my small-business written in Python and running in Google’s AppEngine on their object database. I’m thinking this will be relatively manageable to replicate on Holochain and useful to a lot of businesses in my same situation. I would hope to leverage work done on REA, currencies, etc. to allow a simple app like this to expand it’s functionality in the future. It would perform simple functions like:

  • Business owners
  1. Manage a set of products
  2. Allow specific products to be made available for sale to customers for possible specific dates are open ended
  3. Invoice customers and manage payments
  4. Report on orders
  • Customers
  1. View information on products and ordering
  2. Make/cancel an order
  3. View order history

I have lots of specific questions currently about the right patterns to use to actually build this and so hope to learn from the community or collaborate with others who need a similar type of app.

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@abrahampalmer have you seen this post? Shiro - coordination for local food communities Sounds like there’s a common base abstraction that could power Shiro and this idea of yours. Just enough structure on top of REA to make it suitable for this specific use case, but not so much structure that it gets too vertical.

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Oh yes thanks for that. I didn’t realize how broad Shiro was thinking on this. I think the perfect Holochain app is going to create as little new DNA as possible :grinning:.


Right, with publishing the design thinking around Shiro, I was hoping to have the time to find others who are looking for similar functionality (my guess is there are lots and lots of us) so that when the time comes to implement I’d have a better idea of who is doing what, what modules are being built by no one and where can we collaborate.

Agreed! And I am guessing the evolutionary process of this thing will involve: building some slightly clunky things, finding common patterns, creating robust components based on those patterns, building more clunky things on a more encompassing scale, and so on…

Most of what you have presented here seems to be in line with what we have been considering the producer and member modules. Looking forward to seeing things come together!