Blooms & Hlooms: Intro

Hi all

Bear asked me to start a thread somewhere in here - where exactly? Anyhow, below a briefest briefing:

BLOOMS powers e.g.

However, this forum topic is less about the PHP-based CMS BLOOMS (live in production mode, but still in pioneeringly early v0.3a) but rather its service-happ HLOOMS (concept): a happ which is supposed to serve CMSses in general, initially mainly as a data-integrity tracker, but not only!

Blooms roadmap:
β€’ 1st bloom: hybrid approach!
β€’ 2nd bloom: fully onchain!

This is a strong case study β€” since AEM, Drupal, Wordpress are axiomatically too heavy & inert for such a massive transition (i.e. it’s barely possible for them to go onchain)!

Feather-weight & future-proof!

More information to follow later β€” super busy due to educational IT madness (*nix, but also tons of MS Teams) due to virus!

Btw, please contribute compute capacity to SARS-CoV-2 research via or BOINC!