Binance supports the automatic swap to Holofuel?

I would like to know if Binance supports the automatic swap to Holofuel?

I found this sentence but I don’t know if it’s true? Thank you!

“The HOT coin is also available on the decentralized exchange (DEX) called IDEX. However it’s surely better for you to buy on Binance for many reasons. For instance, it’s much simpler, you will have more liquidity and you will you will benefit from the automatic swap of the ERC-20 token to the native HoloFuel token.”


I don’t think anything has been confirmed, but considering Binance is the biggest exchange volume wise for for HOT, I would ‘assume’ they will support the automatic swap if you have HOT in one of their wallets.

I also assume that more detail will come out closer to the swap date.

I understand. Thanks for the reply!

Hi Team,

Why would I want to swap my HOT for the HoloFuel ?
Why wouldnt I just stay with my HOT tokens?
Is there an incentive or advantage to swapping my tokens ?

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