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Belgium Meetup - 2nd November @ Brussels


On the 2nd of November from 14:00pm to 17:00pm CET time I am organizing a meetup.
Location: DigitYser (https://digityser.org/)


  • Welcome words by the organizer Liliana Carrillo - Why Holochain matters?
  • Hear Raphi See (@raphisee ) - global community builder - An Introduction to Holochain with a Q&A
  • Maybe something about Community Matters ? (@dhtnetwork could you maybe give a short talk about community matters? or educational material?)
  • Hear Rich James (will get Rich on the forum :slight_smile: ) - founder and CEO at Decentr. Your data is value. Use it to pay and trade online.
  • Networking moment


Hi @lylycarrillo looks like a good event. I would encourage one of the organizers to go through the Core Concepts/Tutorials and simply share about their experiences with the materials. In terms of a community spotlight/matters topic, I would defer to @carolyn-beer or @bear for input.

Hi @dhtnetwork, thanks a lot for your kind answer, you have always been so supportive with me <3 Grateful for this <3

I will take care of the Core Concepts myself and tune up with @raphisee for the part where he will introduce Holochain to see if the Tutorial can be his contribution, or if he also wants to take care of the Core Concepts.

Regarding community matters, if this is not a good timing for @carolyn-beer or @bear, this could be a talk for another time. I have already sent an email to them asking for support.

Let’s see how this moves forward :slight_smile:

Thanks again @dhtnetwork

Warm regards,

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Awesome! We would appreciate feedback on the Core Concepts and Tutorials. @raphisee @lylycarrillo

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Hi Liliana,

Re: Community Matters - we have changed formatting for publications along with the release of the Holochain Blog.

We publish events in the Weekly Roundup (Friday), and I have put your event on the public calendar.

It sounds like you have a good Meetup planned! Bear is out-of-office currently, so I am managing a lot this week :slight_smile:


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Hi Carolyn,

Thanks a lot for your message. I have taken quite long to answer as my daughter was in the hospital. I have coordinated with @raphisee and @RichDecentr and their talks will be given on the 1st of December when I was planning the 2nd meetup (conference).
Thanks for adding the first dinner to the calendar. The second one will take place on the 15th of November and I have submitted for revision to the public calendar.

I know from Michel Bauwens, who is the keynote speaker at the 1st of December conference, that Arthur will be in Brussels. Could he also give a talk on that day? It would be wonderful to launch in this way <3

Warm regards,

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Is the first meetup on November 2nd or 15th? I can only see the one that is on the 15th on the Meetup page.

We don’t send Holo team members to Meetups, though they are welcome to attend if it is convenient for them & they desire to attend.

You are always welcome to invite him!

Hi Carolyn,

The 2nd of November meetups has been joined with the Conference: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/78965141865

I have not announce it here or on the holochain calendar. I will do it.

Also, I have contacted @dhtnetwork regarding sponsorship of that event, and it seems this is something I need to talk with you :slight_smile:

Could we have a call about this? and in general about the plans over here?

Warm regards,

Ok, got it! Thank you for the clarification.

We don’t sponsor external events, with the exception of very high-profile conferences, with our relevant communities, such as Rust, OPEN, or Mozilla

Yes, we can have a call – when might work for you? I am on the East Coast of the US.

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Are your mornings okay? Monday morning? I am based in Ghent, Belgium.
Thanks for clarity about sponsorship.

Yep – I just sent you an invite.

Hi Carolyn, thanks for the call of today.
It is a pity to hear that the event will not be supported and shared via social media or the calendar. Thanks though for adding the dinner and meetup.
Could you let me know what are the requirements to have an event supported?
Does it need to be small? call event? meetup?

I basically would like to know more why this https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/launch-of-the-european-holochain-hub-tickets-78965141865 has not been supported.

Warm regards,

Hi Liliana!

Sorry the call got cut short – I know we were not finished speaking when I had to run off to another call.

Would you like to schedule another call so that we might finish the conversation around community building patterns? I think that discussing our community building strategy will give answers you are looking for in regards to the event, since it is not a clear binary of support/not-support.

Do you think you could email response? It is a little easier for me to keep track of folks there :smiley: