Belgium Meetup - 2nd November @ Brussels


On the 2nd of November from 14:00pm to 17:00pm CET time I am organizing a meetup.
Location: DigitYser (


  • Welcome words by the organizer Liliana Carrillo - Why Holochain matters?
  • Hear Raphi See (@raphisee ) - global community builder - An Introduction to Holochain with a Q&A
  • Maybe something about Community Matters ? (@dhtnetwork could you maybe give a short talk about community matters? or educational material?)
  • Hear Rich James (will get Rich on the forum :slight_smile: ) - founder and CEO at Decentr. Your data is value. Use it to pay and trade online.
  • Networking moment


Hi @lylycarrillo looks like a good event. I would encourage one of the organizers to go through the Core Concepts/Tutorials and simply share about their experiences with the materials. In terms of a community spotlight/matters topic, I would defer to @carolyn or @bear for input.

Hi @dhtnetwork, thanks a lot for your kind answer, you have always been so supportive with me <3 Grateful for this <3

I will take care of the Core Concepts myself and tune up with @raphisee for the part where he will introduce Holochain to see if the Tutorial can be his contribution, or if he also wants to take care of the Core Concepts.

Regarding community matters, if this is not a good timing for @carolyn or @bear, this could be a talk for another time. I have already sent an email to them asking for support.

Let’s see how this moves forward :slight_smile:

Thanks again @dhtnetwork

Warm regards,

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Awesome! We would appreciate feedback on the Core Concepts and Tutorials. @raphisee @lylycarrillo

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Hi Liliana,

Re: Community Matters - we have changed formatting for publications along with the release of the Holochain Blog.

We publish events in the Weekly Roundup (Friday), and I have put your event on the public calendar.

It sounds like you have a good Meetup planned! Bear is out-of-office currently, so I am managing a lot this week :slight_smile:


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Hi Carolyn,

Thanks a lot for your message. I have taken quite long to answer as my daughter was in the hospital. I have coordinated with @raphisee and @RichDecentr and their talks will be given on the 1st of December when I was planning the 2nd meetup (conference).
Thanks for adding the first dinner to the calendar. The second one will take place on the 15th of November and I have submitted for revision to the public calendar.

I know from Michel Bauwens, who is the keynote speaker at the 1st of December conference, that Arthur will be in Brussels. Could he also give a talk on that day? It would be wonderful to launch in this way <3

Warm regards,

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Is the first meetup on November 2nd or 15th? I can only see the one that is on the 15th on the Meetup page.

We don’t send Holo team members to Meetups, though they are welcome to attend if it is convenient for them & they desire to attend.

You are always welcome to invite him!

Hi Carolyn,

The 2nd of November meetups has been joined with the Conference:

I have not announce it here or on the holochain calendar. I will do it.

Also, I have contacted @dhtnetwork regarding sponsorship of that event, and it seems this is something I need to talk with you :slight_smile:

Could we have a call about this? and in general about the plans over here?

Warm regards,

Ok, got it! Thank you for the clarification.

We don’t sponsor external events, with the exception of very high-profile conferences, with our relevant communities, such as Rust, OPEN, or Mozilla

Yes, we can have a call – when might work for you? I am on the East Coast of the US.

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Are your mornings okay? Monday morning? I am based in Ghent, Belgium.
Thanks for clarity about sponsorship.

Yep – I just sent you an invite.

Hi Carolyn, thanks for the call of today.
It is a pity to hear that the event will not be supported and shared via social media or the calendar. Thanks though for adding the dinner and meetup.
Could you let me know what are the requirements to have an event supported?
Does it need to be small? call event? meetup?

I basically would like to know more why this has not been supported.

Warm regards,

Hi Liliana!

Sorry the call got cut short – I know we were not finished speaking when I had to run off to another call.

Would you like to schedule another call so that we might finish the conversation around community building patterns? I think that discussing our community building strategy will give answers you are looking for in regards to the event, since it is not a clear binary of support/not-support.

Do you think you could email response? It is a little easier for me to keep track of folks there :smiley:



Hi Carolyn,

Thanks a lot for your email and for checking in.

I have been talking with community members and they also explained me that it could be just the name.

I did not want to sound official. With that name I am being part of the Brussels culture, where most activities have the name European network. This is because of the European commission, European funds and the tendency to use those kind of names in Brussels. It is different in Ghent where I live. So, I hope for your understanding and the team understanding that I am just adapting to the local culture.

Also, my intention is to facilitate EU projects/funding to happen as this is one of my skills, as EU-projects researcher. I also work in close collaboration with EU commissioners and it is interesting that they hear about Holochain as the EU is facilitating the creation of the next generation internet.

Having given you some context from my side, I am not attached to the name, neither to the local culture in Brussels. I am open to change the name. Does Holochain Brussels Event sound better? Does this sound better for you to share it on twitter and add it to the calendar?

Warm regards,

Hi Carolyn,

Is it safe for partners/speakers to participate in my event? Rich has been pushed to not give his talk at this event as it seems we are ‘not supported (seen with suspicious)’ by holochain, and he is building on that relationship with the team. So, I wonder if I need to warn Michel about this? I don’t want to bring anyone in trouble with holochain, and surely not him as I have been asked to be board member of the P2P Foundation and I am also building that relationship. So, I need clarity regarding if this event is risky for Michel for example.

I understand that the name of the event was not fully okay for the team, and I have already changed it. I have also warmly explained you how things work in Brussels regarding naming of events and also organizations, and why the word ‘European Hub’ was used. Note that I live in Ghent (also Belgium) and the culture here is different.

Or can it be that I seem to be new in the community for you and Eric as I have not been much in contact with you both? Maybe, it may help you and your close collaborators that I am not new in the ecosystem. I supported a lot to organize the Hackathon in Amsterdam and worked then with Greg and shared a lot of my contacts, get possible locations, etc. And I have been 1 year supporting with strategy regarding community management behind the work of Gino, one of the telegram admins, and DHT knows about this. Also, I submitted holochain to the AIBC Malta prizes, and put Moritz in contact with the organization to receive the prize on main stage, even though I was offered to receive the prize as the organization knows about my passion and support for holochain. I took my time to find out if someone from the team was going then to Malta so that person could receive the prize instead of me. I could tell you more about my contributions so I would not be seen as a new person in the ecosystem.

I definitely appreciate having a call regarding this, as I feel confused by this situation, and I don’t understand why this event is not being added to the calendar and shared on social media while the dinners and small meetups I am organizing are well posted. Could this process be more decided by the community somehow? what is added and what not? I mean, in the last Malta summit, there where a lot of posts about that event. I would like to know how this fits with the community building strategy and why that big event is supported and one organized by a volunteer/community builder may not get the same shares from holochain.

On another note, with the awareness that DHT shared about the dev materials, we will be showing some of the documentation created by the team and in that way also test it and give feedback to the team for possible improvements. I am referring to this:

Warm regards,

Hey Liliana,

It is definitely safe for partners/speakers to participate in your events – we haven’t pushed folks either way. From my understanding, Rich decided to not go to the event after digging into a little bit.

Re: the name of the event, I just looked and it is still listed as the Hub…do you have an updated page?

Thank you for emailing the cultural explanation, I hadn’t had the chance to look at it yet. I understand that culturally there are certain ways that folks identify events, however, I think that people who are interested in Holochain are familiar with our community patterns and can identify what Meetup groups are.

We are in process of creating a visual to represent the event strategy that I outlined before (Dinner –> Meetup(s) –> Hackathon) Your Meetup is on the calendar and I will put up the next Meetup as soon as the name reflects the nature of the event so that folks aren’t confused.

Does that all make sense? I am happy to call with you next week!

  • Carolyn

Hi @carolyn
Thanks for your message.

What happens on your side when you click on that link?
On my side, the original link opens the event with a different name.

Could you let me know what happens on your side when you click on it?

Regarding Rich, we have a different understanding, and what I am experiencing is that probably he wants to be ‘neutral/nice’ with the team and also with me about it.

I feel okay with going forward with this and not warning Michel unnecessarily. Raphi keeps on being very supportive to this event, and his support and the one of Adriaan (Barcelona) is for me very appreciated, also Jakub’s support is great!

Warm regards,

Awesome – Now it is showing up as " Peer-to-Peer Tech Talks and Holochain Brussels Meetup," Thank you!

I will add this to the calendar now. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we coordinate.

Let me know how the Meetup goes this evening!



Hi Carolyn,

To make it even more discrete about Holochain, I have changed the title: Cooperation at Scale! and I have added the meetup in the description of the event, program, as it changed a bit due to our conversations about patterns, and the content changed a bit too.

You can find the information of the event here:

You can add it to the calendar as a Cooperation at Scale event and Holochain Meetup. I have not seen it yet on the calendar.

It is still the same link to the original Hub event, just fully updated.

The promotional tweet is here:

The meetup of last week was cool! we were 5 people and we talked a lot. I met the people of Creafree who want to develop in Holochain. Have you heard of them? You can find them in the program of my event.

Also the happonomy project wants to build on Holochain, and the Happy movement.
They all have asked me for talks, and workshops. Not just for dinners. :slight_smile:

Warm regards,

Hi Carolyn, it is not visible on my side. Is it on your side?