Beaker Browser v1.0 Beta

I think this is an important milestone in the p2p space. A true p2p browser with TONS of inbuilt functionality.

Did you know they use the Hyperdrive protocol underneath?

Have you taken a look at Beaker before?

Do you think there’s potential here?

Would you play with it?


Apparently the underlying protocol also uses Kademlia DHT and has achieved peer-based hole punching!

From this article:

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I’m with you all the way on this @bierlingm this is exciting. I’m going to download and get on board. Also, I have a feeling I may end up using some of their libraries sooner or later, for p2p connectivity.



Your comment on Twitter the other day certainly seems confirmed:

Well I’ve just started playing around a bit with it… hyper://e2d90ee54e994a104075b163b579bc5aeef4701f75620b4a9bd3f8467fd042d6/

Awesome, I’m hosting your site now!

Here’s mine:


Are you offline ?

This is all currently done via my laptop, which I shutdown over night. So yeah, it was probably offline when you looked…

Nice! Cheers Moritz :wink: I’m trying to open your link, but its just hanging…

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Yeah, p2p is still somewhat frickly… :smiley: