Asia Defi Alliance - Please have a look and join

I have been looking at and the Conflux network which is set to go live next week. They are the first permission-less defi network with Chinese government approval and in fact two provinces will be storing government documents on the Conflux chain. Moonswap is a new swap with zero fees and the dev team listents to the community more than any other project I have encountered. They were also the first L2 solution working for ETH bridging to the Conflux Network. Please have a look and join the ADA as well. I would like the HOT token to be avaialbe for Moonswap. With permission I can fill out the forms, it is currently free to get listed.

I have not done much with my little Holoport but came back after some other work I was doing to check on the progress. The other work was learning solodity and all the other blockchains out there lol…

Hey @kellyp,

Thank you for bringing this up. We’ll take a look at it and let you know if and how we’d be comfortable proceeding.


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Would be great to make HOT available on DeFi solutions. Is it possible to make a Holochain Defi solution itself?


I chatted with folks on the team and am DMin you -

Hey @Mash,

Yup. It is/will be possible to make a Holochain Defi solution itself, and we’ve had a couple groups talking about it at different points. Is that something that you’d be interested in making?