As a non-developer but supporter of the tech, how can I participate in the community to ensure Holo is successful?

I am excited about everything this technology has to offer. How can I participate in making this technology successful?

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Hello @CubeyGlyph - Great question, and thank you for your interest in supporting Holochain!

Let me first point you towards our community/ecosystem growth strategy here, to get a little sense of our approach to things.

After checking that out, I want to go into some detail about organizing emergently like children on a playground. In the playground of the Holochain community/ecosystem, we aim to cultivate a culture where people do what fills them up. Helping is great, but it’s got to be coming from a full cup overflowing, and we live in a world in which it’s all too normal for people to drain themselves dry and then keep draining themselves to help because that’s how they stay a part of things. That’s not the case here. The most valuable thing you can do to contribute is to figure out what lights you up in relation to the technology, what stuff you LOVE doing and would LOVE doing with it. This is almost always connected to motivations like expression, learning, creation, and/or connection. These are the things that all the questions I ask folks who ask about contributing are seeking towards. It’s the answers to these kinds of questions that I’m always looking for to see where and how to connect someone with a place that will get them what they want, because it’s the getting what they really want that fills the cup, that leads to it overflowing later, you know?

Some of the questions take time, and some of the answers change over time, some of it’s stuff that’s not clear, which is great because then that’s the place to start with some other questions and finding what’s the first place to engage. Like, there’s lots of places to start and it’s okay to get it wrong, and find out you want to play a different game or whatever, but it’s always nice to connect someone with the right playmates playing a game that’s well suited to them, you know?

Also, if your answer to any of them is “I don’t know,” that’s great, because it opens up another set of questions.

What are you interested in Holochain for?

Why do you want to participate?

What kind of projects/groups/spaces have you and/or do you already engage in?

How do you show up in those spaces when you feel great?

How do you show up in those spaces when the people who are in and holding feel great about how you’re showing up?

What kind of stuff tends to get in the way of your participating/contributing in spaces (this one requires more self-reflection, and I ask because we’ve all got these kinds of blocks and our awarenesses of them make a huge difference in navigating around and through them.)?

What other questions should I be asking you?

Okay, sorry if this was too much of a schpiel in response to your request. I’m happy to have the opportunity to practice articulating this stuff.

If you want to talk about any of it directly, please feel free to dm me.