Artificial Intelligence and Holochain

I started playing in the MidJourney sandbox this weekend, and all I can say is, holy cow! The experience was similar to, but even more mind-bending than, the first time I saw a google search engine, found Napster, saw a Youtube video, or discovered Facebook. There is a revolution coming, and I am now wondering aloud how it will affect projects like Holochain. Will chatgpt (and its copycats) help Holo enthusiasts write programs in rust and accelerate development of Holochain apps? I honestly feel sorry for anyone who currently works in a creative field like music, art, architecture, journalism, literature. It seems all the predictions about which professions would be displaced by AI first were upside down.

(only just thought of it. I’m hereby reactivating this thread :grinning:)

I assume AI will help developers write apps faster (applies to all software, I guess).

Also, I’m an architectural visualiser. It’s kind of exciting to know that my job will be obsolete rather soon. :sweat_smile:

Artificial Intelligence on Holochain
But the more interesting bit for me is the following scenario:

Imagine every person cultivating their individual AI assistant. Over time it will learn our habits, our strengths and weaknesses.
It will support us as best as it can to let us realize our potential. It will help us write software. It’ll remind us to take a break at work or motivate us to work out. It’ll nudge us into craving just the right food that’s healthy for us today (analyzing our vitals via smart watch and casually floating a picture of the dish across our screen).

In short, it’ll have enormous influence over our lives! And thus could be abused…

That’s why the AI will live on our personal Holochain. I’ll probably invite my brothers, parents and a few very close friends into the app - for data-redundancy. But the data will be encrypted and only readable by me.

I am in control of my data, my AI!

There are situations where I want data to get out though. For example when setting up a casual meeting between friends. I’ll mention it to my AI and it will connect with the others’ AIs to figure out a good time.
Here my AI is allowed to share certain aspects of my schedule with the others. But only, if they are rated “close” in my trust-network.

Honestly, this sounds like a perfect use case for a Holochain (or many) to me.

  • Full control over my data.
  • Knowledge and control over who stores my data.
  • Full choice what data is being released and to whom.
  • No manipulation by third parties (e.g. showing us ads)

So the more interesting question for me is not: “Will AI help develop Holochain?”
But rather: “Will AI live on Holochain?

What do you think? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

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