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Are hAPPs an evolution of APIs?


My name is Faye. I am not a developer:) I do work for local government in Melbourne Australia. Currently am part of a project on ‘smart cities’. And learning about APIs, and the API economy (internal and external to an organisation/organism) and API ecosystems. And the more I read about them, they kinda remind me of how we talk about hAPPs.
So my question is “Are hApps a somewhat more sophisticated and nuanced evolution of APIs?”

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Here is an example of what I am reading…

“As the API economy matures, an increasing number of

organizations are co-creating API-based products in

collaboration with other ecosystem members — including

customers, partners, independent developers, software

vendors, etc. These partnerships are mutually beneficial for

everyone are involved and valuable for their collective

customers. Empowered with a fresh perspective of consumer-centric thinking, organizations should be open to reimagining

value creation in collaboration with their partners.

When [API] ecosystems are organized with value creation for

all constituencies in mind, it can be a win-win-win for all —

including the organization that hosts the ecosystem, the

partners and developers with whom the value is co-created,

and the customer, who ultimately benefits from the

customer experience. “

MuleSoft_Whitepaper_7 steps to cultivate a thriving API ecosystem_final

For example, in the above extract, replace the term consumer centric thinking with “agent centric thinking” … and not too dissimilar…

Again from the Mulesoft article on APIs…
Featured customer story
One company that has implemented an outside-in strategy
effectively is HSBC. The company realized that the bank of the
future will be a digital platform, powered by a collection of APIs
that enable truly connected, multi-channel experiences. HSBC
leveraged MuleSoft to combine industry leading digital
experience capabilities with API portal, transforming how teamscollaborate across the entire lifecycle of an API program. With
MuleSoft, HSBC was able to turn its core banking products,
including credit cards, mortgages, and payments, into APIs in
an application network that can be easily and quickly
assembled to create new experiences.

@dellams- as far as i unterstand this questions i am sure you could help

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