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Apple M1 Chip / Holochain Install

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone successfully installed Holochain on a new Macbook Pro or Air with the M1 chip? I was recently forced to upgrade my Pro due to a hardware failure, and I bought an Air with an M1 Chip due to budget constraints. The battery life on the M1 Air is incredible, I must say, but the Holochain install is proving impossible. I am following the installation instructions on the Holochain website, and when I get the the below step, it fails:

nix-shell https://nightly.holochain.love

To that end, has anyone successfully installed on a new M1? If so, would you be so kind as to let me know what you did. If not, does the dev team have any immediate plans of supporting this new architecture, which is sure to grow in popularity?

Thanks in advance,


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Waiting for my M1 pro to deliver. I’m also curious to try if holochain app works or not, it seems nix already supported and most rust libraries already has M1 support, so I guess it probably works out of box or just tweak the version of a few libraries, definitely haven’t try it though. Keep us updated if you make it work.

Holonix needs to get updated to support M1,

will it support M1 or not ?