Anyone suggestion on Thinkpads?

Hi there,

I am a non-dev who got involved in the project as a HOT holder. Interest is growing to get some more technical skills and knowledge.

I want to buy a used Thinkpad to learn my first thing or two about programming and building with Holochain. I have been using Chromebooks for the past 4 years and they cripple me in playing around.

The choice (price-driven) is in the X series X220 to X260 or T series up to T450.
From a practical point of view working with Holochain is there anything you can suggest to me when buying this laptop?

I intend to have a dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Also here tips and suggestions are welcomed towards this being a good idea or alternative options that fit better the space I want to get involved in. (ic. HolochainEcosystem)

As an important extra, I am interested in how this would change if I want to use this machine also in terms of a port device. (though I have just a moderate yet unlimited 4G connection)

Thank you very much for your input,


I ping those who I know to be more technical and told me I could ping them in case :pray: :globe_with_meridians:

I can not suggest or recommend any brand or model since it is totally personal, I would suggest to filter brands and models by ordering this list for yourself:
1- Price
2- Performance(Solid HDD, RAM, CPU)
3- Weight
4- Monitor Size
5- Keyboard(full keyboard or not)

Then select the right OS (that I can here suggest linux) then you would be really close to your laptop name.


What has been suggested above by @hedayat has been very crisply laid out for your consideration.

Just wanted to thank you for starting this thread and participating on the forum, for over time such discussion threads starts accruing value for other newcomers as well. Also well crafted posts attempting to meet needs of many and kept upto date with Patterns and has Concise information, helps future readers get Concentrated doses of information.

Most likely after you receive or even before you have received your laptop - you could start gearing up yourself with technical skills (here I am jumping ahead and assuming that you are novice to programming domain?).

In my own personal journey into world of programming I have found it very useful to start with Python since its a simple language to pick up and one can start feeling confident that one can program. Use online resources such as udemy etc.

Over time when one starts using a lot of Google for TroubleShooting, Reading StackOverflows and Reviewing GitHub codes one start understanding other languages too, since they all share some commonality i.e. concept of Data Structures at its fundamental and how they can and cannot be Manipulated. Though Syntax i.e. how the language is written can vary.

Lastly, I appreciate your Ping since this gives me a EgoBoost :wink: and an opportunity to help take part in nurturing other community members. So feel free to ping me where ever you need to draw my attention to.

Interesting read Why learning to code is so damn hard?

Article boils down to following nutshell:

  1. Learning Journey ( Confidence vs Competence )
  2. Surviving the Learning Journey

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I used the tips and decided on the Thinkpad T440s i7 with 12gb RAM.

It will be installed with a dual boot windows 10 and Ubuntu.

I am a total novice in programming. Probably the most technical activity in my life was playing with lego. I do like maths if that is any help.

Once I receive the laptop at home I will check out the Udemy for Python. Is this available for free?

Thanks for the replies!