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Any Windows users familiar with WSL out here?

Hello Holonauts,

We know that our Windows setup for Holochain development is lacking a bit as it pertains to our documentation. We’d love to know if there are any hApp developers out there using WSL on windows? If so - reply to this and maybe we can get a small group together to chat configuration so that we can update our docs with best practices and recommendations. If in the course of setting things up you all come up with a set of questions that need to be answered, we’ll pull in the right devs and hopefully get them all answered.



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I develop happs on windows with WSL2. I even managed to get Holoscape working by using a x-server on windows (X410).
I use the Windows Insider Program to get WSL2, but I believe it has been rolled out in the latest windows update.
Microsoft is going to add support for Linux GUI apps later this year:

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will soon include support for graphics processing unit (GPU) compute workflows. This lets Linux tools leverage GPUs to enable hardware acceleration for many development scenarios, like parallel computation, training machine learning, and artificial intelligence models.
The WSL team is also adding support for graphical user interface (GUI) apps. This change lets users open a WSL instance and run a Linux GUI app directly—without a third-party server—and run their favorite integrated development environment applications in a Linux environment.

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As a first thing to contribute, i just tested installing holochain dev tools and yeah successfully installed. As mentioned by @ddd-mtl, you should be on WSL2.

As per the documentation on holochain.org, by default WSL 1 will be installed if the machine BIOS is not configured for virtualization. If you try installing holochain dev-tools then it may end-up in test-case failures. Please make sure you have WSL installed properly by checking this below command on your Windows Powershell after enabling virtualization in BIOS settings.

PS C:\Users\Vino> wsl -l -v
  NAME            STATE           VERSION
* Ubuntu-20.04    Running         2

Once it is on WSL 2, go ahead and install holochain devtools as per the install procedures mentioned.

My Windows Version which holo devtools installed is having OS Build 19043.985. I dont use Windows Insider Program.

I’ve been trying to get the HoloGym stuff building on Windows with WSL2 and having zero luck. Would love to be a part of a group getting some documentation easy or demos setup.