Any Holonauts in South Asia? Pioneering event in November

Greetings from Goa!

We’ve been diligently planning a very special month in Nepal in November, including the production of two boutique arts-tech festivals. Months in the making, we’ve successfully tested the concept in Goa (and a recent meetup in Nepal), and the concept is likely being brought to South East Asia, Africa and New Zealand in 2024.

We’d love to welcome Holochain leaders, communities and projects to present at what’s shaping up to be Nepal’s first-ever web3 conference / festival, in November. It includes talks and workshops with government officials and at universities, noting the present anti-crypto/nft-as-investment regulations (yet Holochain clearly demonstrates emerging web3 tech beyond these, which is what we are focusing on).

Anybody here in the South Asia region? Anybody from the global Holochain events team that we can discuss this with? Anybody at senior leadership who sees the opportunity to meet with and inspire governmental and national policy on emerging tech?

I’ll follow up in the coming weeks, but if this sounds interesting at all, to anybody, please do reach out.


Hey @universalsea - lovely to see a Holochain-related initiative in South Asia.
I have deep personal roots there, and as many know, the Neighbourhoods project has ideological traces in Gandhi-an economics.

I would be excited to chat and potentially share event details with our South Asian communities. Feel free to DM, or drop into our Discord:

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