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An idea

Hello, i am
technology lover and cryptocurrensy investor.
My subject matter has nothing to do with your space.
I have a great idea (for me, I do not know how feasible it may be) that you could develop on the Holochain network.
Now that this is the most critical time of the covid-19 era, the global trading world is suffering.
Well my idea is to create a holochain platform.
Which through Google earth and street view will give access to each of us to shop around the world.
While wandering with a street view on a street by clicking on a store they will enter where they want and will do their shopping.
Shopkeepers will be able to become a member through your platform and create the store that belongs to them at that point.
Step by step and with ready-made forms per branch will guide the shopkeeper to create his own store and upload the products he sells.
So it will have the opportunity and the bigger or smaller store to increase its sales. People will be able to buy much more easily than any commercial street.

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In life, if you truly believe in your ideas then you should definitely go for it. Don’t listen to others who can’t possibly see everything that you can see, have the self-belief that you and your idea are the shizzle and do something today that moves you a step forward to that vision.