An economy of care with holochain

Dear Holochain community,

I’m starting an initiative for a new economy; an economy of care, based on donation. I would like to be able to build a network, platform and/ or ecosystem where people, organizations and collectives can present their initiatives and offer their goods and services based on donation. In my eyes it’s a new economy in the making, which will be more local and self sufficient as well as caring, and inclusive. People and organizations will be able to attract funds based on donation and friendly loans. Would you like to share what is already available and possible in the Holochain ecosystem in the field of smart contracts, DAO’s (DHO’s) and alike?

I see a couple of hApps being build: Mutual credit and The social membrane as well as the Contracts and OASIS. I guess what I’m asking is, will it be possible to launch a Care coin, and an interface where communities can start crowdfunding their projects receiving variations of care coins and local economies, similar to DAO’s. In the sense, that, is there already an infrastructure and are there hApps available which are able to offer such dynamics?

It’s part of an exciting project which I have described on my website: In our nature. I can also share some slides about the dynamics of this project, which you can look here: pitchdeck.

When you read my files, you’ll see that there are some differences with the Mutual credit approach, while there’s also commonalities such as the Open value approach (although I don’t mention it explicitly, I do in it’s core agree with this approach). In fact, what I add which is most significant apart from the donation and the nature based approach (we have an inner system that tells us what’s right), I would like to explore the mutual credit system and the possibility to use the “nature based approach” alongside. For instance, in some cases one can burn debt and in other cases one can burn surplus. Just like humans contract and expand, we can choose to clear debt and perhaps in other cases surplus or value simply becomes obsolete (just like Bitcoin or Ether may suddenly become worthless, when a new more advanced technology arises (like @artbrock also mentions in his article).

Then, there’s also a very direct need, in human societies all over the world, but also in The Netherlands specifically for a more direct form of democracy. Even though the gap may be quite large to the generic and existing structures, new structures would be able to now help strengthen the new and make the new possible cleaner, quicker but also with more clarity and structure. Here in The Netherlands we’re starting to get close to something new boiling up (while the old is still holding on and pressing very tightly, as it does in many countries currently). So my question is; would someone like to explore this with me? Things can become so much easier when the structure for something new is already there. It will enable more and more people to see that something new is possible and very practical and sense making.

Okay, just let me know if someone’s up for this.