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Alrighty then, let's build stuff!

Hi All,
Pretty excited about this project and building on REA.
I’ll be in Montreal with 12 Holochain devs next week so won’t be doing much on this project until I get back. I’ll be talking about the project and REA to the other devs and planning.

Awesome stuff. I’m on holiday next week so also a slow start from me.

Meanwhile our partner will be creating a high level scope of what would benefit them from this pilot.

Secondly GS1 are going to also discuss with me real problems they are facing in the industry so we can see if we can scope something that will speak to them. They are very interested in this opportunity :slight_smile:

So first steps will be bringing this all together and with everyone’s input here into a scope that is focused/achievable, yet tells a powerful story.

@philipbeadle you might want to talk to Sensorica in Montreal if you have time. They have been interested in being a HoloREA beta tester. They have been using http://nrp.sensorica.co/ which is an older REA-based economic network app and have talked to the Commons Engine folks a couple of times.

Let us know if you want an intro but if you send them an email they will most likely respond with interest.

Sounds like a perfect use of time. Please intro me and Ill organise a meeting.


Philip, did you ever meet with Sensorica?