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ALBAYDAR coop startup and organizing bundle group orders by natives abroad from their homeland

You may know albaydar.earth #integral business idea. It should be an OS platform (and on the long run part of #Holo-REA ecology) that contributes to ending the #seperation in the world by connecting natives in the west with their homelands local economies, support their #regenerative products and marganilized producers communiteis with a focus on developing countries.

My vision here with this #impact business is a GloCal Coop, and co-hacking #Nonduality in the economy through what I call #spirtual_economy trajectories that will hold the whole space of the Platform and offers the tools for #Cocreation.
Its fund’s free project! I am in trial launch preparation, to examine the idea within Palestinian communities in the EU and gain supporters.

As none developer, I wanted to try to build the website for the current phase myself as the landing page instead of the Gdoc. It should contain a call of action, and a small E-shop that is able to handle group bulk orders.
In the landing page draft, I have three scenarios to discuss and I would like to get your feedback:

Scenario A (Telegram/manual handling):

If you want to place an order with your friends and neighbors join your country group on Telegram and check for your DropShop group in the pinned massage!

Contact us to create a DropShop to arrange an 1 hour presentation and onboarding meeting.

Scenario B (Shopify and Jioukou Group Buying plugin )

Scenario C (Amapress ?? SW Development):

Select a DropShop > Fill an order that is linked. An overview in the DropShop with the current total group order status can be viewed.

Order will be processed when the condition is reached after notifying DropShop admin.

New ordering Cycle can be started afterwords.


Can I have your feedback on this situation for the best way to handle bulk orders organisation to a certain destination?

Also, I there is interest we can organize a session to present the concept.
Feel free to join the project group on Telegram