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[Agent-centric] Dev Q&A w/Philip Beadle on Wednesday, 9/4 @ 5PM EST (9PM UTC)

Bi-weekly, Phil will join the Holochain Forum for an hour to discuss in real time the topics that matter most to you. Ask your dev questions here and connect with a Core Dev.

Dev session on 9/4: What is agency? What is the agent-centric approach to Holochain app development?

Issue: We are still programming with a central database mindset. The meaning of having your own keys and owning your data needs to be understood.

Dev Q&A Format:

  • Post code prior to the session
  • Q&A on the Forum

If you have a meta/general Holochain question, feel free to create a topic in the watercooler area.

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During the Q&A Ill be using examples from https://github.com/holochain/holochain-basic-chat and https://github.com/holochain/identity-manager. The DeepKey code is private for now but we can still talk about how it works.

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Are there any plans to integrate Reputation into Personas and Profiles? As part of our Reputation Interchange, we’re creating a dashboard that will help users track their reputation scores across apps, and at a later stage, place reputation currency at stake to port it across networks.

We’re wondering how much will be built into Holochain core. Clarity on that will help prevent replication of efforts.

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I’d love to build reputation in and then allow hApps to choose which types of reputation they would count. eg Lets say I have reputation from hApp 1,2 & 3. I join a n hApp and it recognises rep from hApp 1&2 but not 3. The new hApp doesnt get access to my raw rep data just to the answer they want.

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Might be merit in exposing raw data too, because it enables hApps to import contexts, not just a score.
Maybe we chat some time? Would help us crystallize our dev strategy.

I’m guttered I missed this session, is there a link to the replay?

@ThomasMiller the AMA is just QnA over the forum during that hour. No video (I think).

All: Check out the Holochain Identity Manager demo.