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Team Size: 5

Description: Our vision is to help humanity fulfill their desires and dreams to evolve into a better world, aiming for freedom and truth, bringing face to face for the first time the humanity as a whole and the human individualism. We will take into consideration humanism, exact science, evolution as a species but also relationships, emotions and feelings. Our goal is to implement a system with a high degree of freedom of speech and even consciousness. The freedom of disagreement and controversy will lead to reconciliation (as a human consensus) which the system will reward fairly.
The xHumanity project will comprise three stages and the development will spread out over a period of three years. During the first stage Cure the World, the concept of trust will build up between the users of the application and also between users and the xHumanity system. We will make this possible through the use of the Reputation and Find the Fake modules but also through acts of charity.
In the second stage, Fair Economy, the ecosystem will be finalized which will offer the financial utility of the application. The Free Market and Advertise modules but also the exchange integration into the system’s economy will offer users the possibility to earn fairly. This is the stage for xHumanity token[ a unit of value issued by an organization in the context of a specific business model so that it can incentive user interaction and distribute rewards throughout the network of token holders] integration into the real economy.
The last stage, Free Humanity, includes the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence). If in the previous stages we have taken care of designing and programming of AA (Autonomous Agents)[ Software entities that carry out some set of operations on behalf of a user or another program with some degree of independence or autonomy, and in so doing, employ some knowledge or representation of the user’s goals or desires.], this is the stage to create DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)[ Is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by shareholders and not influenced by a central government].

Resources: very soon on xhumanity.org

Similar app or site: none

I am at…: Fund rising

Skills: list any skills that are needed for your project. Includes technical (languages, technologies) and not-so-technical (fund raising, community outreach). Rate your team proficiency from 0 - 10 for each skill

  • Holochain knowledge: Design (7)
  • Front-End: Javascript (5)
  • Back-End: Rust(7), C++(7), NodeJs(5)
  • UI/UX: CSS(5), Photoshop(7)
  • Others: fund raising(7), community outreach (7)

Commitment: This is a full time project for our team

What do I need: We need anyone which is interested in our idea.