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Acorn Technical Deep Dive Part2 - Profile & Project Zomes code review. Cloning DNA Pattern

00:00:00 intro to H-I-A
00:01:10 into to Acorn and this video
00:05:42 quick review of Acorn Architect and Design
00:10:39 starting review DNA code
00:11:35 state management in UI
00:15:43 review Profile zome
00:27:40 Signaling pattern
00:35:26 WrappedHeaderHash
00:37:51 continue Profile zome review with Q&A
00:44:17 init function in Profile zome and Capability Token
00:53:29 review Project zome
00:59:23 Cloning DNA pattern explained.
01:17:20 Project and module structures & CRUD macro
01:24:28 Validation Rules
01:38:22 ending

Thanks to @Connoropolous & @guillemcordoba

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