Acorn Code Review & Tech Deep Dive

Hey, all!

Announcing a Technical Deep Dive & Code Review with the Acorn team next week!

Join us to explore how Acorn was built, the code, and its functionalities. The event is open to all, but will be geared towards a tech-savvy audience.

Monday, March 16th at 19:00 UTC. Add it to your calendar!

Register using this Zoom Link.

Check out Acorn’s Github Repo

Call recording will be posted.



I am looking forward to sharing Acorn on Monday! :slight_smile:


Hope to be there! Especially excited to see whether collaborative editing already works. :smiley:

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To anyone joining, we had a minor wifi outage butttt we are back now!

bummed about missing out, looking forward to a recording! :slight_smile:

It didn’t come back for me. Kept saying wait.

But I’m like @ViktorZaunders - looking forward to the recording. It was a very interesting meeting. Thanks @Connoropolous and @pegah ? and @carolyn for hosting.

thanks everyone for coming, and look forward to sharing the recording. we got right into codeland at the end. Pegah isn’t here on the forum @bhaugen but thanks for tagging


sorry about that technical issue, I think it all stemmed from a wifi crash at our place!

Hi everyone, here is the high resolution version of the recording, along with time stamps / links to segments of the video.

Enjoy! and let us know your thoughts


Thank you for sharing the video recording. It was really nice to see what the process behind Acorn was. I enjoyed playing with the version in Holoscape. Exciting progress! :smiley:


Great video, thanks! Very informative.

Right around 1:35:20, there’s discussion of (AIUI) preserving edges between nodes which are being updated. This reminds me of the notion of branches in git, where we refer to a mutable pointer to the tip of a hash chain, rather than any specific hash (which for git would be a commit). Could the issue you encountered in Acorn be solved by mapping, metaphorically, edges between “branches” rather than “commits”? This might be implemented by storing a “branches table”, which maps branch names to the latest entry, and then defining the “edges table” over branches. Then when an entry gets updated, the “branches table” gets updated to point to the new latest entry. The “edges table” wouldn’t need to be updated, because it now refers to the stable branch pointer.

Hopefully I’ve understood the issue right - I am still new to Holochain.