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Hi @pauldaoust, I am wondering, if Syntropy/noia is a project, that would be kind of useful for the Holochain infrastructure. I just have the feeling, that there may be some kind of mutual profit for both sides… But since I am not so technically fit, I can not say that for sure. Please excuse if I am telling BS but I just want to be sure, if it is useful, that it is said.
What they say: https://www.syntropynet.com/about
What is crazy, is, they use an erc20 token to pay the nodes to run the network. Holo would be a great replacement, once running, to do that job. I hope I am right here with my questions. Curious to hear opinions or any other feedback. Thanks, ciao

Huh, this is a very interesting project; feels a lot like DFINITY but they’re addressing efficient networking too. I really like the idea of optimal resource utilisation; I know cloud companies are already trying to tackle this problem (because it hurts the bottom line) but it’s an interesting take to abstract that over all cloud providers. I’ll share it with my colleagues.

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