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Got an idea for an app that will change the world, but for the better this time? Share it here and get the conversation started.

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The most common reaction people have is to reproduce something that exists on the traditional web. That is not enough and I strongly encourage everyone to engage with these propositions and push up those that really have a merit.

When the combustion engine was invented people put it on horse chariots. The car looked pretty much like a horse chariot. They took the horse out and replaced it with the engine. The engine was simply a horse replacement. It’s power was measured in “horse power”. There are good reasons why a new thing looks like old things at the beginning but there is also the fact that people lack the imagination for the full potential of the new.

Another example is the website, a “digital tween” of the paper book, with pages. People transposed the book design into the virtual world, not fully understanding the whole potential of this new digital technology. The hyperlink took us a little further. Dynamic pages that are built on the fly based on who’s the user was another step further. But we’re still not out of this paper paradigm…

Going through this category I see people proposing to build the equivalent of Meetup, of Facebook, of Twitter, … Yes, we can do that, but that’s not smart. That’s like replacing the horse with an engine or like building websites that look like a paper book.

What new possibilities Holochain offers?

What can we do that we could not do before?
Are there new practices that require a new set of tools? Yes there are! I personally know a number of online communities that engage in new practices that don’t fit well with the traditional web. These communities are a source of inspiration.

Let’s curate this list of proposed apps and provide signals to developers of priority and importance. It is important to channel our collective energy where it matters, especially nowadays when the traditional web is in crisis.

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Servirebbe Un app per cambiare il modo di pensare delle persone, sarebbe utile per cambiare il mondo.
uno dei problemi principali del nostro pianeta è l’inquinamento ambientale, sogno un applicazione che mi permetta di svolgere l’azione migliore per inquinare il meno possibile e guadagnare Holofuel, un app che permetta facilmente di individuare un cestino rifiuti nella zona, e che mi permetta di guadagnare HF… premetto che sono molto rispettoso di regole e della natura, però mi rendo conto che le persone non svolgono un ulteriore sforzo se non ricevono un resoconto… un pagamento o premio o buono pizza :slight_smile: sarebbe un piccolo passo verso un pianeta più pulito, ma ora continuo a sognare :sweat_smile:

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