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Hey guys,

I would like to invite you to a creation call that I’m organizing next Wednesday September the 9th, 8 pm CET. During the call I’ll introduce the In our nature project and the design for a new world. It actually builds upon much which has been done, also by Holochain and I would like to add my vision to it, so this world can take shape more quickly. It potentially is able to integrate and work with some of the projects that you’re working on around resource management, sharing and donation based as well as mutual credit.

The basic idea of the plan is to create a couple of spaces where people, projects, initiatives and communities can present their ideas. Also it includes a map and a community to forum to find and engage with each other. Then there’s also a new currency and a distribution of power. It’s ambitious and perhaps unbelievable, but I believe that a new dynamics can take shape, and is already taking shape in the open source world (yet perhaps hasn’t come to fruition fully).

I invite you to join the call and see if we can collaborate. The project has much in common with Holoreal, mutual credit, Oasis and some other projects that I’ve seen here on the forum, yet again, I add my vision to it.

You can read more about the plan in detail here, as well as in the invitation.

So I hope you’ll be inspired to join and see if we can collaborate.

Let me know if you have any questions.