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Hey everyone!

Maybe someone saw this project mentioned inside the “100 hApps Rally”, but I realized later that the nature of this project is probably a lot larger than what the hApp Rally itself aims to achieve (specific services).

I would like to ask for help:

  • List item To get the proper attention this project deserves
  • List item and to get people involved

I hope it doesn´t sound bombastic, but the idea here is to create a hub of services with the aim to bring wellness to everyone of us in the planet. Some ideas and services exist here already, some are new. Being everyting about inclusivity, there is no mean here to be the first or the best, have a label or a stamp. The WE Project is for everybody and of everybody.

Exchange of goods, healthy food, sustainable energy, real healthcare, housing, fair economic services, real education, culture… each of this chapters is a world by itself. Today everything is in “other hands”, but the humanity deserves and is getting ready to claim them back.

It is quite ambitious, but also necessary, in our vision, to be able to react to the situation we all are put in, and things are getting everyday more and more clear with divide & conquer through social and personal manipulation, fake terror in various forms, survailance and censorship. I don´t think I need to go on.

Without reinventing the wheel (it´s more about putting away the bricks stopping it…) it would be great to be hub for the existing services (RedGrid for energy? Jala for economy? I just touch the surface) as well as motivation to create the missing parts.

We put up a website with some basic concepts on it, it is currently hosted on a subdomain of mine and anyone is welcome to take a look:


I hope to get some feedback and advice, maybe even just about putting a post in the right place or tagging the right category and person. There are some redundancies and I am not 100% sure I did the best move.

Thank you for taking the time to read,
hope to hear from many!


Hello Dario,

I looked at your project…seems wonderful indeed. In fact we have in plan to develop such a marketplace for our adaptive social media application. I think we should start sharing ideas very soon. I will let our email addresses on your contact form.

Best regards,

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You from Spain that left a message on the WE Project’s website…
We had an issue with an update cycle and our stupid contact form does not save the entries (yet) and I had no way to retrieve your email.

Hop you’ll see this message, would you mind getting in touch with us again?
Also through a PM here if it is less complicated!

Thanks a lot, feel really bad having lost you! :worried:

Dario - The WE Project


You can write me at cosmin.vranceanu@xhumanity.org


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