A disruptive global 100%T-SHIRT H/APP

I visualize a number one 100%T-SHIRT market called cryptoshirtcrafts that connects all the top best bio-organic retailers/suppliers/creators in one h/app and website. The user can see it in one single click and don’t have to look for it on the internet. Every sold item a piece of the pie is for a specific purpose that support people with few rights and work under poor working conditions in the t-shirt industry, so that they can build a future for their family and children. The idea is to take the bio organic cotton,hemp and bamboo t-shirt industry together as one force into a h/app and/website platform for the next level. Connect them with the creators and buyers as one marketplace. Make this world greener and efficient and give the industry back to the people by this concept.

Regards, Rion

LIVE ART love tech!