4 (maybe nice?) re-usable zomes

Hi all!

I’m sharing four zomes/mixins that I’ve been working on, that are not yet production ready. I started them as experiments to learn from, but I intend to finish and publish them in the near future. Also, they are intended to be re-usable to a certain degree.

If you want to collaborate on them or be added to the holochain-open-dev org in github please ping me!

  • Generic tags: tags zome to tag any entry in your hApp
  • Templar badges: badges claim zome, in which only agents that already have a badge can issue it to another agent
  • Mutual credit: generic mutual credit implementation, using synchronous and private (eventually) entries
  • Social triangulation: membrane zome, to only allow “friends of friends” inside your hApp

If you have some suggestion about these or new zomes/mixins, please comment on this thread.


Great to see this, especially the social triangulation one – that should be a pretty useful library for a lot of apps. I notice the validation function for vouches doesn’t check whether the committer is already authorised – I guess that’s because they can’t legitimately commit unless their agent ID has been validated, right?

Yes, that’s right, I don’t think there is any attack possible with these rules and we speed up the validation process, which may be useful in IRL situations where you are trying to get your friend in the app.

I love it. I’ve heard it called ‘validation by inductive proof’. It does place a burden of trustworthiness on the DHT neighbourhood that validates said entry, but given that this vouching thing is a membrane to let in trustworthy agents and keep out Sybils, this shouldn’t be a problem for cohesive social groups.

I’d like to see this combined with a ‘Lobby’ DNA to allow new users to request access from existing users. The lobby would probably have to have some way of proving that the users who claim they already have access really do have access, or requesters might be waiting a long time.

Thanks for sharing @guillemcordoba. The social triangulation one caught my eye too. I think there are some lovely intersections with the reputation modules we’ve been building (see here).
I think there’s merit in adding the ‘vouch’ to our library. Would love to pick your mind on a few things.

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Sure! Sounds great, I am also curious about what kinds of currency and patterns you are building at Sacred Capital (I can’t access the gitbook, it does not seem to be public). So let’s talk about anything you want :slight_smile:

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Oops, my bad - maybe a typo in the url. You can access it through our Gitbook, or the link on our Webpage. Then scroll through to the page on ‘Reputation Data Types’.

A lot of credit to @pospi and the HoloREA/VF team. They’ve inspired us to follow a more modular approach. So over the next couple months building simple reputation modules that can be integrated into most applications.

At a later stage we’ll think about micro-services (for the reputation interchange).

Maybe chat next week if it works for you?

Yes! When is best for you? I’m pretty much available.

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