2 Questions about the swap

Dear Holochain Team,

I have two questions about the holo to holofuel swap:

  1. Why is there a time limit for the swap of holo to holofuel?
  2. Is there any possibility of making the holo to holofuel swap permanently available?

Many investors invest long-term because they believe in the project and invest in it with the intention of not following up on developments, the roadmap or anything after a few years. This kind of investors will not want to invest in holo right now. In addition to the fact that those who have already done so, when they check how their investment has gone, will discover that holo is out of holochain and no longer have a chance to change it to holofuel. They will be “at least” disappointed.

I hope you the best and I wish those questions can be addressed.

Best regards,


The swap WILL be permanently available after the 6 months, but after the time is over, it will instead be a market trade instead of a 1 HOT to 1 HF. For example, if 1 HOT is $0.01 and 1 HF is $0.02, during the 6 months you can get $0.01 to $0.02 (HOT = HF) but after your 1 HOT will be .5 HF (HOT would be 0.01, or half of a HF since it’s 0.02).

At least, this is what I’ve found people saying

@pauldaoust as a documentation and explainer guy would you be kind enough to enlight us :slight_smile: