15 - 17 November - Barcelona hAppathon (with Holo team)

Join us for a 2.5 days of intense training and hands-on support in Holochain architecture, design principles, and hApp development.

We’re holding a Holochain hAppathon / workshop with the Holochain team just before the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC19) in Barcelona. The hAppathon will emphasize the topics of smart cities, but will still be open to all projects and persons interested in building on Holochain. Some of the themes and projects possibly worked on during the hackathon: P2P credentials, sharing cities, verifiable news, eHealth, local currency and more.


Look forward to seeing you there and meeting some faces :smiley:

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Hi @AdriaanB, how was the HAppathon?

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Hi @lylycarrillo the hAppathon was great! We had a nice mingle and project discovery on Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday there were different emerging talks from the team and different community members. And everyone was working on their projects, which resulted in the below list:

  • Carbon credit market
  • HoloSail community business
  • Thunder chat
  • Calendar
  • Combined UI for personas and peer chat to make them into crates with extraction later to communicate with Holochain
  • Hello world
  • Peer to peer conference
  • Subscription module
  • Airplane booking system
  • Generic tagging system module

The first video is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2OofjB2Yj0

Arthur Brock explains the mechanics of capability tokens and how they can work for different subscription models. It might be pay to access everything, like with a medium subscription, or pay to access all from one author, like a patreon subscription. It’s also possible to pay or get access per article.

Capability tokens are what allow other people to write on behalf of you, or access otherwise private content. It’s an important security feature for holochain apps.

This conversation was part of the developer focused introduction group at the Holochain hAppathon on the 16th November 2019 in Barcelona.