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Weekly Hackalong for 'Power Users' 💪 🙂

So far, weekly Hackalongs organised by community members have focused on generic themes. However, starting Thursday, May 14, one of the Hackalongs will narrow its focus to the specific themes mentioned below:

Open to anyone looking to leverage these themes. You could be a dev building in a modular fashion. Or a ‘power user’ with limited dev skills who is stitching together a community or app with basic technical tools.

When: Thursday, May 14, 9am SGT/11am AEST/1am UTC/6pm PST (US: May 13)
Where: Zoom Room; Calendar Invite

@philipbeadle will join us for the first session. We’ll explore how CRISPR works for you as well as build out a basic reputation DNA module that you can use for your project.

Thanks, Sid.
PS: If you’d like to receive the calendar invite leave a comment below or DM me and I’ll add you to the recurring event.


I would love to join Sid! thanks

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Hi, I’d like to join and am very interested in REA :raised_hands:

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Hey @mhueschen, yes you’re welcome to join. If you’d like to be added to the calendar invite, DM me.

Thanks for organising @sidsthalekar. That is awesome. Looking forward to it.

For those joining, please use this meeting url:

And, for those who missed it, here’s the recording from the session. It’s on my channel for now, but we can shift it if needed.

Thanks to @philipbeadle for running us through CRISPR and Chimera. Next week, we’re thinking of getting @pospi to run us all through HoloREA and explore how it fits into all of this.



Thanks @sidsthalekar this was a very interesting session.
Being a rookie developer listing some of my takeaways.

What is CRISPR and Chimera?

  • HoloChain (hApp) development suite for low level tech skills
  • Build using vue and vuetify
  • UX pattern - Application and Parts
  • UX control - Chimera mode to add Parts
  • Parts have their own DHT - seperate from Application DHT
  • CRISPR to edit Parts or Application
  • CRISPR presents code tree, SVG model, code view, debug console
  • Allows subscription based hApps to leverage_PrivateCapabilities
  • Compile time development environment
  • For developing holochain DNA out of design
  • Dynamically remixable Design
  • Spin off multiple agents for testing

In contrast - HoloScape allows hosts to host and view holochain app within a window

@philipbeadle is there a way early learners can start playing with this tool ?