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Thoughts on ThreeFold?

Just wondered how Holochain relates to ThreeFold, from the perspective of Holochain devs?

Would be great if anyone could share their perspective. The projects are obviously related somewhat.


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Im curious as well to hear. I didn’t find all too much about this projet but it seems to follow similar goals as holochain. But I personallly am still sceptical, but to be honest didn’t really looked into it all too much.

And first I heard of holochain I also thought it is kinda too good to be true.

Also while researching i found some people saying that there was premined coins on block 12 and all investments of people were swaped with an untradable token. But didn’t find any proof about that case.

So If anybody has good links or resources drop them here :slight_smile:

I suspect TF being a fraudulent organisation. There are several indications from public sources that tokens were not minted, but were printed.

This link shows that tokens were printed just when the ‘blockchain’ of TF started. There has always been said that tokens are backed by capacity


With that block it is shown that they were printed.

Also the minting process that shows that there is decentralization is done manually.

Another concern I have discovered is about the code

https://github.com/threefoldtech/jumpscaleX_core is the core of Jumpscale, what drives 3bot, but doesn’t contain libs

Disclaimer: I am a long term follower of holochain project, but I decided to remain anonymous for various reasons.

here are the actual 3bot packages: https://github.com/threefoldtech/jumpscaleX_threebot/tree/development/ThreeBotPackages

you will find stuff around the grid and tft, but nothing that does actual minting. that code is in a private repo, but is nothing to do with their tech. Certainly nothing to do with the 3bot / jsx stuff