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This week on the Hackalong for Power Users: HoloREA 💪 🙂

Hello all. This weeks ‘Hackalong for Power Users’ will feature @pospi and the HoloREA project.

In particular, we’ll explore:

  • How you should be thinking about HoloREA and it’s utility for your project
  • How you can leverage REA libraries to build economic networks
  • How REA fits into modular architectures like the CRISPR project.

When : Thursday, May 21, 9am SGT/11am AEST/1am UTC/6pm PST (US: May 20)
Where: Zoom Room ; Calendar Invite
Who is this relevant for: anyone looking to leverage these themes. You could be a dev building in a modular fashion. Or a ‘power user’ with limited dev skills who is stitching together a community or app with basic technical tools.

For those who missed the first session with @philipbeadle you can watch the recording shared on this thread.

Thanks, Sid.
PS: If you’d like to receive the calendar invite leave a comment below or DM me and I’ll add you to the recurring event.
PPS: More about this Hackalong

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Oh, I really want to hear this, but 3am here, will you record again? :slight_smile:

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Samezies! Hope it will :slight_smile:

Yes, will post the recording here :slight_smile:

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So, we had to switch our agenda last minute because Pospi had an issue with power and couldn’t log on to the call. Instead, @philipbeadle shared updates to the CRISPR/Chimera project since last week.

We explored the Personas and Profiles feature and also built a basic hApp that we called ‘Freckles’ :slight_smile: while on the call.

Here’s the recording from the session:

PS: @pospi and HoloREA should be on next week.


Thank you @sidsthalekar!

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