Holochain Forum

Session 8 - Virtual Hackalong

Meeting recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3mXIwSJ7Ug

Meeting summary

  • We showed the design of the next LeaP iteration: modular, multi-dna, and supporting multi-currency payment.
  • We discussed the agnostic ticketing pattern that is going to be implemented in LeaP, and their parallels in real life and how that could be used in other apps.
  • @ddd-mtl presented his snampail app, and showed us a demo of his application and its design. Next action item for the community is to download the bundle and create a new test.

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong session 8 will be in:

For the US/EU session, we recommend you install the latest holoscape and download the bundle for the mutual-credit app here: Mutual-credit PoC: holochain community experiment.

See you there!