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Session 3 - Virtual Hackalong

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong session 3 will be in:

If anyone wants me to explicitely invite them into the google calendar event, ping me with your email.

This next session we had planned for a little “show and tell”, so if you have something to share about the progress of your project, please bring it with you!

See you there!

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tried again for the 15th at 4 pm UCT which should be 10 am Previous day? which was yesterday? or today? either way no one in the zoom room… plz update me as to what is wrong with my timing… thanks

We are now starting, join here: https://zoom.us/j/736813204?status=success.

thanks but link is not opening…

You can join zoom meeting with the meeting id, which is 736813204.

it is not asking for ID it is just not opening…

If you open zoom directly you should be able to do join meeting and then input the id.

think it has to do with the “success” code at the end of that link you sent me… plz try another one…

Try this one: https://zoom.us/j/736813204

These are the recordings of the third session: