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Session 2 - Virtual Hackalong

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong session 2 will be in:

If anyone wants me to explicitely invite them into the google calendar event, ping me with your email.

See you there!


Tagging people so that they don’t miss this: @2rowflow @tinfoilbat @kamal @nphias @ThomasMiller @sidsthalekar @pospi @ScutterJr


Tagging people so that they don’t miss this: @milkyklim @mikeg @jamesray1 @sevenshadow @Blooniverse @feamcor @tats_sato

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Hi Guillem, I’m double booked in meetings at that time but thanks for the thought!

I’m in the zoom meeting for the 11am AEST
no one else here, has it been cancelled?

@samwa - 9th April for the AEST one. See you tomorrow. Also, thanks for the reminders @guillemcordoba

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Thanks a lot, Guillem, for tagging me! Unfortunately, my C2 English class takes place on WED evenings. Cu tmrw THU?

Remark: always use resp. add UTC for datetime definitions, please - otherwise chaos :slight_smile:

See you guys in 45m!

Greetings. Is Session 3 happening this week? and if so are the sessions on Wed and Thursday?

Hi @2rowflow ! Yes, they are happening as well, same times as last week. This will be the case until end of April.

This next session we had planned for a little “show and tell”, so if you have something to share about the progress of your project, please bring it with you!

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what is the zoom link plz?

I tried the link above and they do not work. Don’t see an email reminder either… plz update with link for the session… which according to my time conversion should be starting now…

Hi @2rowflow! The Hackalong is tomorrow, on Wednesday! Can you try the links on this post? Session 3 - Virtual Hackalong