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Session 15 - Virtual Hackalong

Meeting summary

  • We raised one last question remaining from the Holo-Host hackalong session: if in the future holoports will store 5 copies of each source chain throughout the network, they certainly must be online at all times. Can we not assume then that any agent will have at least one of the cells online?
  • Lily and Rzan updated us on the work they’ve been doing on Rzan’s IOT project. They made a very clear distinction about the trust management in that system. One mechanism is the rating of the devices themselves (Machine-to-Machine), based on how they communicate with each other, we did a deep dive on this type of trust. The other one is the trust and ratings of the doctors and patients (Social-IOT or Human-to-Human). Both are very different.
  • Then, we introduced the topic of Capability Tokens. We introduced the basic theory, and set it up for next weeks to expand on it with questions, examples and use cases.

Meeting recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caEbbmAghfs

Hi everyone! Virtual Hackalong Session EU/US 15 will be in:

In this session, we’ll recover pending topics from last week:

  • Remaining questions from the Holo-Host session with @zo-el.
  • Capability tokens: what are they and when to use them.
  • Other topics that will surely come up spontaneously.

See you there!